Allianz Moto is a product designed for motorbikes and mopeds, especially for private use. There are more than four million of these vehicles in Spain and more than 10% of them are insured with Allianz.

Unique product advantages.
• Rate depending on the horsepower and type of vehicle.
• Special rate for mopeds for drivers who have a motorbike licence.
• Special discount if the client also has another vehicle insured with Allianz.
• Special discount if the client has underwritten another Allianz insurance policy (private/nonvehicle).
• Discount option for ’riding without a passenger’.
• Discount for mopeds that have voluntarily passed the vehicle inspection test (ITV).

It is a multi-risk product that provides coverage of the requirements demanded by this market. In response to the demands of the twowheeled vehicle sector, at Allianz Seguros we have introduced great improvements to our products.

• Advance indemnity payment.
• Permanent roadside assistance network (only motorbikes).
• Daily subsidy for loss of vehicle or licence, as well as for loss of licence through the points system (only motorbikes).
• Payment for the course to recover lost points and licences through the points system (only motorbikes).
• Advice on traffic fines.
• Motorcyclist bodily injury accidents.

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