Allianz Auto is designed to fulfil all possible coverage requirements demanded by the market.
At Allianz Seguroswe have introduced great improvements to our products and we offer a product that is tailor-made to meet the needs of each individual client and which includes all the standard extras.

Advantages of the Rating System.

• Personalised fee depending on the client’s profile (age, years holding a licence, etc.).
• Differentiated application according to the kilometres on the vehicle.
• Special treatment for new vehicles.
• Discounts when a garage is used, for a second family vehicle, for ESC (stability control), etc.
• Application of bonuses previously enjoyed by foreign clients with other companies.
• Special treatment for young people in the portfolio.

The best service available.
• Unlimited kilometre roadside assistance.
• Replacement vehicle in the case of accidents or vehicle theft.
• Advice on traffic fines.
• Licence recovery course for points and indemnity for licences lost through the point system.
• Financial help for the temporary withdrawal of licences.
• Replacement of punctured tyres, fuel due to running out or mistake and lost keys.
• National and international roadside assistance network.
• Healthcare service abroad, even when not travelling with the insured vehicle.
• Network of recommended body shops windshield repair shop service.
• Reduction of deductibles.

A wide range of coverage.
• Inside cleaning and reconditioning after transporting the injured.
• ITV (vehicle inspection) costs as a consequence of a claim.
• Driver healthcare service.
• Collision damage due to hitting hunting and domestic animals.
• Damage due to natural phenomena (wind, hail, snow, rain, etc.).
• Market value.
• Non-standard accessories included automatically and without any additional cost up to 1,500€ .
• Repatriation upon death of an insured foreigner.
• Repair and replacement of baggage, personal objects and child retention mechanisms.
• Damage suffered in a trailer or caravan.
• Damage when the vehicle is not driving.
• The highest insured sums for driver accident guarantees on the market.
• Advance payment of indemnities of up to 5,000€ in the case of death.