Allianz Riesgo is an insurance policy orientated to helping your loved ones when you are unable to do so. It helps your family face the future without any financial problems. Moreover, some of the Allianz Risk guarantees will help you in particularly difficult circumstances.


With Allianz Riesgo you and your family will be well protected.

• Allianz Riesgo guarantees a lump sum payment in the case of death that will help your family to maintain their purchasing power.
• It also offers you, free of charge, other guarantees that will protect you and your family.
• Through our payment of income, you will have additional coverage if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, which is not offered with other products.
• Allianz Seguros will cover burial costs, as well as testate proceedings and inheritance & donation taxes, up to the maximum established limit, thus assuring payments of certain expenses for beneficiaries.
• In the event that a married couple dies in the same accident, an additional lump sum will be paid to dependent children or disabled people in their care. This coverage is automatically underwritten with the death guarantee.
• It is possible to increase coverage through additional and complementary guarantees.

Insured benefits

Benefits covered

• Death by any cause.
• Full orphanhood occurring in the same accident.
• Critical illness income.
• Burial expenses.
• Executor and inheritance & donation tax expenses.
• Permanent and total disability.
• Serious illness.
• Death by accident.
• Death by traffic accident.
• Permanent and total disability due to accident.
• Permanent and total disability due to a traffic accident.
• Dependency.
• Repatriation.
Additional coverage for dependency
In the case of severe or great dependency, income will be provided for ten years, with the possibility of converting it into a lump sum at any time. It will enable you to:
• Finance economic participations that the user has to pay when receiving public dependency benefits.
• Assure additional financial capability to enable you to acquire better quality services.
• Freely select the types of services required.

Additional coverage option in the event of serious illness.
By paying a fixed sum at the time the illness is diagnosed, Allianz Riesgo offers you the chance to select the doctors or treatment that will help you recover your health.
The illnesses covered represent over 90% of those that are considered serious. Other serious illnesses, such as blindness, Alzheimer and paralysis are covered by the disability guarantee.
Furthermore, Allianz Riesgo offers you free service that includes:
• 24 hour medical guidance. This new service gives you special attention, such as support and guidance in taking decisions with respect to your health and your family’s health.
• A second medical opinion from a prestigious international expert as quickly as possible.

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