• Covers Suited toMeet the Needs of Customers
Covers suited to meet the needs of customers that cover material damage, with the possibility
to include Public Liability, Loss of Profit and industry agreement coverage.

• Replacement Value
In general, replacement value is used as the criteria for compensating insured property.

• Compensation of Sums Insured
Policyholders are compensated the sums insured of Buildings, Personal Property and Goods.

• The Proportional Rule is not Applied
The proportional rule is not applied if the deviation of Gross Margin does not exceed 15%,
including for Loss of Profit cover.

• Annual Adjustment According to the CPI
Insured values are adjusted on a yearly basis according to the CPI so that the damaged
property can always be replaced.

• 100%
With Building, Personal Property and Goods, 100% is covered against the most important risks:
Fire, Explosion, Lightning, Action of water and Atmospheric phenomena. In addition, other
minor risks are also covered at 100% and on a first loss basis; this is the case with Breakage
of glass and sanitary ware, Electric phenomena, Breakdown of electronic equipment,
Breakdown of machinery and Refrigerated goods.

• CashMoney is Safe
The cash money, whether inside our outside of a safe, is covered against theft up to the agreed
upon limit. If cash money is stolen during transport, policyholders will receive compensation up
to the agreed upon limit.

• Security for Employees and Visitors
The policy covers the risk of Theft of the property of customers and of employees up to €3,000
per claim and maximum of €300 per customer or employee.

• Public Liability
An extensive Public Liability cover, from Real Estate Property to Products and including Operational
and Employer, of course, this covers includes the provision of foods and beverages to customers.
Public Liability limits may be chosen in accordance with the needs of each customer.

• Taking Care of the Profit and Loss Statement
Loss of Profit: During the time that business activity is fully stopped. There are two modalities to
choose from, so that customers may choose what best meets the needs of their business:
– General expenses, to cover fixed costs (wages, social security payments, water, gas, electricity, taxes, etc.)
that the business continues to incur after suffering a loss.
– Gross Profit, in which case the above option will be coupled with the possible net profit that the insured
ceases to earn. In addition, the proportional rule is not applied if the deviation of the insured values does
not exceed 15%.

• Relevant Information for Business Owners
The policy also includes information about preventive norms and regulations.

• Assistance Network
The policy provides an assistance network that is always available to facilitate professional plumbing,
security and locksmith services and other services of interest for the client by means of a simple telephone call.

• Emergency Services
Assistance network that is permanently available to quickly provide emergency plumbing, electricity, security
and locksmith services.

• Legal Advising and Protection Service
Claim for damages to insured property, easement conflicts and breach of contracts on personal property.
Service agreements, conflicts in the property owners´ association. Defence as a member of the board of
the property owners´ association. Legal defence in work-related cases as a defendant in a case instigated
by a worker at the business.

• Coverage of Total Ruin of Building
As a direct consequence of works carried out by third parties in adjacent building or of public works carried
out on adjacent streets or underground.