• Special Treatment forWomen
The rate includes favourable treatment for women, especially young women.

• Personalised Rate
Rate in accordance with the customers’ profile (sex, age, time with licence, etc.) and their claims record.

• Differentiated Application Depending on the Kilometres Driven by the Vehicle
Up to 8,000 km, from 8,000km to 16,000 km, and more than 16,000 km.

• Special Treatment for New Vehicles
Favourable treatment for new vehicles.

• Discount when Vehicle Kept in Garage
If damage cover is taken out and the vehicle is kept in a garage overnight or during working hours, a discount is applied to the policy.

• Discount on Second Family Vehicle
If there is another vehicle pertaining to the family unit that is insured with Allianz, when insuring the second vehicle, a discount will be given to the second vehicle.

• Discount for ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
A discount will be applied to vehicles with ESC as standard (Electronic Stability Control).

• Number of Years as Owner of the Vehicle
A special discount will be applied if customers have owned the vehicle for more than five years.
Foreign customers will be able to enjoy the corresponding discount in those cases in which they have a TIREA record.

• Special Treatment for Young Adults on the Road
After one year without claims, a reduction of two levels will be granted, and after two years without claims, customers are automatically put in the Neutral Zone (without surcharges).

• Special Treatment for All Risk and All Risk with Excess Modalities
Customers that take out these modalities will be granted better treatment on the Bonus-Malus scale in subsequent renewals, thus attaining a four-level reduction after three years without claims.